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The Big Foldy Painting of Death

My original motivation for making art was a desire to make pictures that told some sort of story; to use imagery to create a narrative. “Foldy Booking” revealed the way to fulfill my early yearnings for a satisfying, handmade, visual narrative. From 2009 to 2011 I struggled with trying to take Foldy Booking into painting. I was somewhat hung up on my weird MFA preconceptions. It wasn't until I realized that the unbroken format was the driving force of the Foldy that I was able to break into Pure Foldy Painting. Ironically I don't have a problem with it any more...

The Big Foldy Painting of Death, 2011-12 is 127' 8" x 72" acrylic on canvas. These pictures are taken from installations at Latitude 53 Gallery (2012), Grunt Gallery (2013) and Comox Valley Art Gallery (2014).